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Ben Greenfield - Breathing, Spiritualism and Technology
Episode 144th April 2023 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“I think the pros outweigh the cons of where we’re going with technology in healthcare.”

On the latest episode of the Oxygen Advantage® Podcast, Patrick McKeown is joined by world renowned author, biohacker, nutritionist and fitness expert, Ben Greenfield. This particular episode was recorded on the fly, with Patrick on the road and Ben on a hike, so we apologize if the audio quality is not perfect.

Ben has built a name for himself as one of the top fitness coaches, triathletes and wellness advocates in the world. He speaks about technology and health with great enthusiasm. He cites the easy availability of modern devices, data collection and AI models as a means for early diagnoses of disease and illness and the increasing affordability of this technology for everyone.

Ben also explains his own personal breathing journey, the different breathing traditions he has explored and the ways in which he has brought breathing into his daily life in a wide variety of ways, from getting energized in the morning to preparing the body for sleep at night.

This episode of the podcast has an incredibly entertaining and knowledgeable guest in Ben Greenfield. It is a fascinating look at the future of high tech diagnostic medicine, the growth of personal wellness and healthcare and breathing’s place within it, with lessons from a man at the forefront of personal improvement.

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