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029: Why I Felt Like a Hypocrite This Week (And What It Can Teach Us)
29th November 2018 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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In spite of her advice to reframe your reactions to negative situations and people only a week ago, Dorothy found herself wallowing in anger and self-pity after a disagreement with her partner. Thankfully the two of them were able to patch up their misunderstanding, but Dorothy felt hypocritical and realized how difficult it can be not to immediately give into your worst feelings when the going gets tough. So with this minisode, she discusses how you can build up your emotional muscle and forgive yourself for the occasional little slip-up.

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Show Notes:

  • Why Dorothy didn’t want to look at her problems in a different light as discussed in Episode 27.
  • How she and her partner were able to calmly resolve their disagreement.
  • Why it’s difficult to push back against a “woe is me” victimhood mindset.
  • Toning your emotional muscles so you can  condition your emotional reactions over time.


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