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Dr. Nathan Bryan On the Effects of Nitric Oxide on Physical Performance, Why Mouthwash May be Harming Your Health, The Best Nitric Oxide Supplements and Much More
8th October 2021 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Dr. Bryan is an international leader in molecular medicine and nitric oxide biochemistry.

Specifically, Dr. Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. He was the first to demonstrate and discover an endocrine function of nitric oxide via the formation of S-nitrosoglutathione and inorganic nitrite.

Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 18 years and has made many seminal discoveries in the field. These discoveries and findings have transformed the development of safe and effective functional bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease and may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic

In this conversation with Dr. Bryan, you'll hear:

-The effects of nitric oxide on exercise and performance...01:30

-Dr. Bryan's street cred as an expert on nitric oxide...04:25

-What the heck is nitric oxide?...07:45

-Your dentist can be your best friend or your worst enemy...10:05

-How to eliminate bad bacteria and keep good bacteria in the mouth...17:15

-Foods that positively affect NO levels...21:00

-How to measure your own NO levels...27:00

-How to identify the most effective NO supplements...31:45

-The relationship between NO and the stress response and mental well-being...35:40

-Differences in how men and women synthesize NO in the body...44:30

-What you can do TODAY to optimize your NO levels...46:40

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Functional Nitric Oxide

The Nitric Oxide Solution

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