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Episode #1 – Eli Nixon
Episode 112th May 2022 • Motif's Earth, Wind, & Water • Motif Magazine
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Hello and welcome to Earth, Wind, & Water, Motif Magazine’s leanest and greenest audio production. In each episode, Motif reporter Sam Zimmer explores environmental issues as they relate to the lives of Rhode Islanders.

This week, she sits down with Eli Nixon, to discuss their book Bloodtide: a new holiday in homage to horseshoe crabs. 

Thanks to our sponsors, The Parlour, R1 Indoor Karting, The Trinity Beer Garden, and Grey Sail Brewing. 

To find out more about Eli's work visit:

To Pick up your copy of Bloodtide: a new holiday in homage to horseshoe crabs visit:,shadows%20that%20turn%20them%20into%20other%20beings%20entirely.