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#143 Paul Diaz - Non-Competes: A Mechanism for Control & Greed
Episode 14324th July 2022 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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Today I’m joined by Paul Diaz of Founder and Principal Consultant at Hire Power Consulting. Paul is a former Marine who, post service found his way into the veterinary world working for one of the largest corporations in the space and helped grow the talent pool over his time there. He started Hire Power Consulting in 2020 and is on a mission to end the non-compete in veterinary medicine. If you don’t follow Paul on LinkedIn, you are missing out – his straightforward no, BS style is what caught my attention and made this a must interview. He is poking fun at the lack of consistency in the broader veterinary community for talking a good game but not following through on their promises.

  • Paul's background, experience, and expertise.
  • The difference between non-competes and non-solicits
  • Retention and the idea of abundance vs. scarcity
  • The reason the veterinary shortage can be attributed to non-competes.
  • How Paul made the hard pivot and change in his business and the story behind his passion.
  • The best vs. worst employment contracts in veterinary medicine.

Paul's LinkedIn

Suffer In Silence; How the Non-Compete Damaged a Veterinarian

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