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Working with Tiktok Influencers with Jordana Grace
Episode 24929th June 2022 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build an audience, and then a business using TikTok?

The fact is that the idea of what a social media influencer is today, is quite different to the early days of influencers and the path to building a business based off you, your content and your personality is available to everyone.

But there is some secret sauce and that’s what we’re going to learn more about in today’s episode.

Known as ‘That British Girl’, Jordana Grace is a Comedy Content Strategist. She’s a writer, speaker, comedian and amateur croissant connoisseur. She continually pursues her love of making people laugh, spending her days highly caffeinated creating comedic masterpieces for various brands and charities through her own company. She is also incredibly humble.

On TikTok, her series ‘Things they should tell you before coming to Australia’ has become an international hit with tourists and Aussies alike. And even created a course on ‘How to move to Australia’, to help people around the world move to paradise. The Australian public has embraced her dry British humour with open arms, even though she keeps questioning their ways. 

As that British girl in Australia, she’s living her best life. Whether that’s looking for a husband without a mullet (dramatically decreasing the list of potential Aussie suitors) or searching for that perfect croissant – it’s safe to say she’s made a home down under.