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105. Raising Luminaries Summer Series: Pep Talk for Kids on How to Get Inspired
Episode 1057th July 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Our kids summer series continues!

This episode is for all the kids out there who are called to big things. You want to be a leader and you want to figure out what sets you apart from your peers so that you can live the great life you want to live, but you are up against a lot. You have school commitments, sports, extracurriculars, friends, devices, social media…And sometimes (just like the rest of us!) you get in a rut and forget what matters to you, lose that spark in you and you lose sight of what you love and you start to lose your inspiration. Part of growing up is that the world can try and take some of that joy and possibility from you, without you even realizing it.

So, today we're talking about how to get inspired again and how to preserve the best parts of childhood - that wild imagination and those big dreams.

Let’s raise them up right!



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