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OAS Tools deep dive!
Episode 65th November 2022 • I'd Rather Be Scripting • Ash Arnwine & Kerri Shotts
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Kerri and Ash continue chatting about Open API tooling for Node.js and Express!

This episode of I'd Rather Be Scripting is all about OAS Tools, an open source Node.js server-side framework with full support for OpenAPI v3. Our co-hosts use the OAS Tools Quickstart as a path to discussing the tool's features, including:

  • What an "entity resource" is
  • Creating an OpenAPI document from an entity resource
  • Creating a Node.js/Express server from an OpenAPI document
  • Understanding the generated server entry point, controllers, and services
  • Validating a server's adherence to an OpenAPI spec

... all with OAS Tools.

Kerri and Ash also discuss some potential wishlist items for the tool, including:

  • Ensuring that generated service responses adhere to OpenAPI document schema
  • Continual controller/service generation (see GitHub discussion #15 for Ash's question and the friendly response from one of the maintainers)
  • Ability to eject from the OAS Tool dependency in order to gain tighter visibility and control over the usage of the Express library

We hope you enjoy this deep dive into OAS Tools!


The Changelog podcast episode that Ash references midway through is "The terminal as a platform", which covers Textualize, a company that builds platforms for terminal-based UX/DX.





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