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#508: Loyalty Business Models with Control as the Key Criterion
Episode 50812th March 2024 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Aaron Dauphinee from the Loyalty Academy™ flies solo in this week's of the “Wiser Loyalty” podcast series while Bill Hanifin is in London, UK.    He explores constructs from curriculum in course #104 on Loyalty Program Business Models to set the stage for the next two episodes when Bill and Aaron are back together again.

Aaron provides a topline introduction to three 'traditional' loyalty program business models that have served the full spectrum of Customer Loyalty to-date: Proprietary, Player, and Coalition models.  This sets the stage for back-to-back weeks of digging deeper into and stress testing each of these models, introducing and evaluating new models, and discussing the viability and relevance of all of them for the loyalty landscapes of today and tomorrow.

In the Wiser Loyalty series,  our experts discuss constructs each month that are taken from the Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP™) curriculum.  This month respectfully challenges concepts known to be foundational to Loyalty to set up for next month's conversation on Key Success Factors in Loyalty.

Show Notes:

1) Aaron Dauphinee⁠

2) Bill Hanifin⁠

3)  ⁠⁠⁠⁠The Wise Marketer 





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