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Le Film Nation - LeFilmNation EPISODE 2, 15th May 2020
#2 How to Nail Your Client Briefing
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#2 How to Nail Your Client Briefing

Today we start with some gear news about the Canon R5 and Mavic Air 2. We also kick off a new series about video production, starting today with the importance of a good client briefing as a foundation for a project that goes well !

Time Stamps:

01:10 Hot Gear News - Mavic Air 2

11:38 Canon EOS R5

20:00 Black Magic 4K Deal

22:51 Intro to Client Briefing

56:00 Visual CV Resume

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Mirroring Masterclass: https://www.masterclass.com/classes/chris-voss-teaches-the-art-of-negotiation/chapters/mirroring

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