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Sierra Leone: Healing Others Through Healing Self
Episode 1031st October 2021 • Tears, Tides and Transformation • KeAnna Daniels and Bridget Flaherty
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Trigger warnings: *Accountability* *Invisible Disability* *Putting Yourself Last*

In this episode, Bridget and KeAnna interview Sierra Leone. Sierra shares her story about healing as a practice in order to serve others. Sierra is a holistic healer and provides healing services for individuals, couples, and communities. She talks about her journey to becoming a holistic healer, and on that journey she confronts her own traumas, triggers, and brokenness so that she can be effective and have the capacity to use her gift(s) of healing others. Sierra helped Co-Host, KeAnna, work through some of her healing in Fall/Winter of 2020, and was a pivotal support in her getting through a difficult breakup.

An Executive Director, Poet, teaching artist, and entrepreneur Sierra Leone captivates audiences with her unassuming ingenuity, profound insight, and comedic sense of "knowing."

2020 Kennedy Center Artist Fellowship Finalist Nominee, Governor’s Award winner, and writer Sierra Leone is the president and artistic director of OFP Theatre/Production Company. For more than a decade, Ohio has benefitted from Sierra's vision of creative urban arts as a powerful artistic medium to bring communities together across racial, cultural, ideological, and economic divides. Her project “The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show” presents a hybrid of urban poetry, music, dance, and visual arts from local, regional, and international talent. The show later expanded to include an energetic poetry competition called The Last Poet Standing.

Her work with youth arts organizations, schools, and community organizations has been ongoing through her company’s educational arm, Signature Educational Solutions. Sierra is continuing girls’ empowerment, and she has written and performed commissioned work for many local and national organizations.




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