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The Sixth Sola: A New Approach to Christianity
Episode 6330th October 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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In this podcast episode, Michael Ward talks about his journey to finding what he calls the Sixth Sola. He feels this unique perspective will change your thoughts about religion. 

Michael explains:

1. The Sixth Sola, or "walking by the spirit"

2. The spiritual part of a religion that many people often miss

3. The importance of personal transformation over religious reform

"I just want to say, hey, let's love one another and figure things out together."— Michael Ward

This is Michael Ward's story—

Michael Ward is a first-time author and self-proclaimed spiritual seeker. He is passionate about sharing his unique perspective on Christianity and the Bible and believes that there is a spiritual message that most Christians are missing. He believes the next 500 years should focus on transformation rather than reformation.

Michael wrote a book about the spiritual part of religion and is frustrated with the churches and wants to make a statement. While Michael is not a theologian and doesn't have seminary degrees, or a Ph.D. in theology, he wants his perspective to be inclusive and adapt to the Christian world.

Links for Michael:


Facebook: @michael.ward.6thsola

Linkedin: @Michaelward11

Twitter: @6thsola 

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