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Feminine Embodiment with Mia Goedecke
Episode 1322nd February 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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Mia is an incredibly empathetic soul who is so deeply rooted in her passion for movement and its ability to transform our lives. As a personal trainer and enlightenment coach, Mia’s work centers on helping women get in touch with their femininity through their movement practices, and being able to embrace it deeper in their day to day as a result. Her experience lead to some fascinating discussions including the importance of connecting to both masculine and feminine energy, the gift of allowing yourself to be as fully present in the feeling of movement itself, and also the importance of slowing movement down to build heightened self-awareness. I am so grateful to Mia for sharing her connection to movement with us on this episode, and hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

To connect further with Mia and learn more about her work, you can head over to her website or her Instagram account.


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