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History, Heritage and the Border Reivers
13th January 2020 • Scotland Starts Here • Visit South Scotland
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History starts here. Episode 1 of Scotland Starts Here takes us back to the days of the wild and bloodthirsty Border Reivers, to William Wallace, and Mary, Queen of Scots. We'll whisk you away on a tour of hidden towers, majestic monuments and battle sites. You’ll discover why the famous Bear Gates at Traquair House have been kept locked for hundreds of years. You'll also visit the Midlothian abbey where Scotland's Declaration of Independence was drafted in 1320. We’ll even canter alongside the jaw-dropping Common Ridings, one of Europe's greatest equestrian spectacles. This is where history starts. Where Scotland starts. And it all begins the moment you tap play. Subscribe and listen now - and start planning your trip at