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From Corporate VP to Filmmaker at 65, Melissa Davey
Episode 915th December 2020 • The Second Chapter • Slackline Productions
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This week on The Second Chapter podcast, Kristin talks with Melissa Davey, a documentary filmmaker who, after a career in non-profit, then as a high-level exec in the corporate world, left to become a filmmaker at 65. After a unexpected encounter with filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan inspired her to follow her dream, Melissa spent a year planning and went on to film Beyond Sixty Project™, a documentary feature film initiative about women over the age of 60.

The original voice of Siri, the Madam CJ Walker biographer and the sculptor of Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume carriage are among the inspirational stories revealed in this compelling documentary.  From a very early age women are made to believe that our relevance has an expiration date. Showing us the power of resilience, defiance and the wisdom of experience the Beyond Sixty Project will challenge the way we think about aging and the value of our own stories. Melissa is living her own beyond sixty project!

She was the perfect fit to talk about her own Second Chapter- and may inspire some of you to turn your own next page.

For more about Melissa and the Beyond Sixty Project, go to You can follow her on Instagram @gettingoldbutwhocares or the project @beyond60project.

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