Quick Bite: Restaurant Industry Leadership Programs for Veterans with Ed Walden
Episode 2729th March 2021 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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One of the biggest fears of military members is what they will do after they take off the uniform. Service members are highly trained and skilled individuals who make great candidates for many leadership roles in the restaurant industry. The National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation recognizes the skill and talent of military members and offers several programs to help them get their foot in the door.

This week on Order Up, we are speaking with Dr. Ed Walden. Dr. Walden leads military and apprenticeship programs for the foundation. He talked about the foundation’s Restaurant Management Program, recognized by the VA, and discussed the benefits of work in the restaurant industry for veterans.

Listen for more details and apply for one of our military apprenticeship programs at chooserestaurants.org.

  • (01:44) - Pathways for the military food service community
  • (03:15) - Reward recognition programs
  • (07:00) - Participant opportunities
  • (07:53) - Apprenticeship programs
  • (10:28) - Changing lives
  • (12:10) - ChooseRestaurants

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