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178. Am I Too Broken To Work On My Digits
Episode 17829th August 2023 • The Money Barista Podcast • Kerry Zarb, The Money Barista
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Welcome to the Virtual Café, please join me, Kerry Zarb and my co-host Kim White at our table with your favorite brew for this week's conversation.

Failing with money or feeling out of control with your finances can lead to us feeling like we are too broken to be our own financial designer.

As we confess how we learned to deal with our digits, this is your personal invitation to listen in, as we discuss...

  • something triggers that broken feeling
  • emotional hurdles that can keep us from what is possible
  • we are at everyone's mercy if we don't control our numbers
  • we can feel bamboozled
  • the idea that we 'can't' keeps us from being able to
  • broke vs broken
  • the way we feel about ourselves with money

Sometimes we need a translator for all the professional language and big words that can be thrown around.

Keeping things simple doesn't mean you aren't smart. It means you are keeping control of your money, no matter how many dollars you have. We all have to learn and we continue learning.

Join us next week when we discuss a simple way to get started being the boss of your own business finances.

Happy Biz Bean$ to you!

Kerry & Kim

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