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Psychedelic Sacraments: The Secret to Early Mormon Visions?
Episode 1657th June 2024 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca and Landon Brophy
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On this episode of Mormonish Podcast Rebecca and Landon have a fascinating discussion with Brandon Crockett and Alex Criddle about their new proof of concept project "EntheoMagus," a 40-minute documentary delving into the possibility that Joseph Smith and the early Mormons were using psychedelic a means to connect with the divine.

This idea is gaining momentum as the mainstream learns more about plant medicines and their effects. Brandon and Alex present a compelling argument for the use of herbs and plants to facilitate group guided vision experiences as well as personal visions as described in early Mormonism.

We know you'll find this as fascinating as we did!

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Seer Stoned Productions Patreon:

For exclusive content including the full documentary itself, a digital copy of "The Psychedelic History of Mormonism, Magic and Drugs," exclusive Q&A sessions from our public screenings of the film, research papers including audio and much more check out:

EntheoMagus trailer:

Check out the 90 second film trailer here.

Seer Stoned Production website:

Find out more about the origin story of our team, upcoming showings and links to plenty of reading material.

Debate with Brian Hales:

The original debate about the psychedelic origins of Mormonism with LDS apologist Brian Hales on Mormon Book Reviews.

Response to debate with Brian Hales:

Extended response to debate with Brian Hales hosted on Bryce Blankenagel's Naked Mormonism channel.

Higher Powers of Man by Frederick M. Smith:

Frederick M. Smith's (third prophet-president of RLDS church) 1918 PhD dissertation outlining the various methods for achieving "religious ecstasy" inspired by Fred's desire to replicate the revelatory experiences of his grandfather, Joseph Smith. Included in these methods is a section of drugs, specifically peyote use.

Alchemically Stoned:

Practicing Freemason and Rosicrucian P.D. Newman reveals the psychedelic secrets of Freemasonry.

Early Mormonism and the Magic World View:

D. Michael Quinn's deep exploration into the magical influences and practices of the Smith family. While Quinn did not delve into the psychedelic use of the Smith family, he books referenced here overtly explore psychedelic / psychoactive plant use and their role in the magical experience.

Seer Stoned Productions merch store:

The Psychedelic Kirtland Temple Dedication:

An article by Alex with more details on the Kirtland Temple Dedication and the psychoactive components. Citations to the visions and charges of intemperance discussed can be found in the article.

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