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How to get started with guest blogging for your pet business
Episode 6513th May 2021 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Two weeks ago I did my Pet Business Publicity challenge and already one of the members, dog behaviourist Rachael Claire, has secured a guest blogging role for a huge pet brand.

It means her name is in front of 40,000 people on social media, really raising her profile as a dog behaviourist.

Guest blogging can be the first step in getting your name out there on platforms that aren't your own.

It's a nice way to lead into pitching to newspapers and magazines and a way pet business owners can collaborate so they reach more people.

In this episode I'm talking about guest blogging and how to get started, and here is a downloadable guide to help you with outreach.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.00 - Results from the publicity challenge

5.01 - Why guest blogging can help you in your pet business

6.40 - What is guest blogging

7.20 - How being featured on other sites can build trust in your business

9.20 - How to find places to offer guest content to

11.50 - What kind of things to cover in a guest blog

16.26 - How long should a guest blog be?

18.11 - How to make sure you get eyes on your guest content

20.45 - How guest blogging can position you as an expert

23.05 - What to do if you want to pitch to a podcast - Full episode here

24.03 - Why you should try to build a relationship before you pitch

Links mentioned in this episode:

Download the pitching template: Guest blogs and podcast

Learn more about Rachael on her website here Rachael Claire dog training.

Find out more about the Get Found On Google course starting in June: Get your pet business found on Google

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