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Optimism Vaccine - The Optimism Vaccine Network 25th March 2021
For Your Ears Only 0027: O.K. Connery
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For Your Ears Only 0027: O.K. Connery

Some might call it confusing meta-fiction, others a smart cash-in. Either way, Neil Connery did what any of us would have done in his situation. Ignore the fact that you're shorter, less handsome, and less charismatic than your famous sibling and play a spy in a James Bond knockoff film. You're Sean Connery's brother, dammit, and that should be enough to land you a leading man role in Hollywood... or at least a low-budget Italian production. And hey, if your brother is widely considered to be the greatest Bond ever, you should be able to at least crack the top 25 of 007's or super spy adjacent knock-offs. Or maybe not.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is O.K. Connery

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