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How Accountants Can Upskill and Stay Relevant
Episode 15th July 2022 • Insights in Accounting • Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network
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In this very first episode of the brand new Insights in Accounting podcast, Rob Brown and Martin Bissett preview what the show is all about and how it fits into the game-changing AIBN - the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network.

Episode 1 - "How Accountants Can Upskill and Stay Relevant."

To give you a flavour of what's coming at you with this show, we dive right into a piece here about bias in accounting via Rebecca Mihalic of Ignition:

Martin unpacks insights about identifying biases like women in accounting, who we like and don't, who performs and who doesn't and a range of other biases in play.


The Insights in Accounting show is about filling in the knowledge gaps in your busy lives as accountants and leaders in practice. It's what you missed and you didn't know you missed, and why it's important.

You'll get reports, research, whitepapers, surveys, news articles, announcements, blogs, social media posts, opinion pieces, and commentaries. These will come from journalists, practitioners, experts, gurus, and thought leaders. We'll work on your behalf to check out a range of accounting media sources like accounting today, accountancy daily, accounting web, Accountex,, the accountant online, international accounting bulletin etc.

You'll get a digest of content mostly for accounting practitioners and bookkeepers but also for the finance providers, tech specialists and software vendors who serve the accountancy profession. We'll not just be reporting on the news, but we'll give you insights into what it means for you accountants in practice. The takeaways, the implications, the what to dos and what not to dos. The what to know and what to ignore.

It's all about giving you commercial acumen, business awareness, industry knowledge, professional development, and just staying up to date. It's CPE or CPD for you accountants in practice. Keeping you relevant, informed and effective in your role as a professional advisor, leader, practitioner, thought leader, influencer, and driver of change in your firm, your role, and your community. Stopping you from becoming obsolete. Keeping you in the loop. Helping you raise your game and solve bigger problems. Remember, the bigger the problems that you solve, the more influence you'll have and the more you'll be rewarded.

On behalf of the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network, this is the "Insights in Accounting" show, going live every Tuesday. This show is about filling in the knowledge gaps in your busy lives as accountants and leaders in practice, plus bookkeepers, finance leaders and the software/fintech industry that serves them. It's what you missed and you didn't know you missed, and why it's important.


A reminder of 5 great shows in the Accounting Influencers Broadcast Network:

❶ Success in Accounting - MONDAYS. Our flagship main show features panels, highlights, combinations, panels, topics, live interviews and best-ofs.

❷ Insights in Accounting - TUESDAYS. The best news, analysis, commercial awareness, news under the microscope, podcast mentions and recommendations.

❸ Influencers in Accounting - WEDNESDAYS. Deep dive 1-1 interviews with leaders, experts, and influencers from around the world.

❹ Best Practice in Accounting - THURSDAYS. Practice development, growth, management, consulting, examples, stories and practical here's what works stuff for accountants, bookkeepers and the fintech/software people who serve them.

❺ UK Matters in Accounting - FRIDAYS. A UK-focused show featuring UK-related topics, news items, events and interviews.

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