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Mindset Matters: Interview with William Nazzaro
Episode 313th May 2021 • Mindset Matters with Rachel Withers • Rachel Withers
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In this livestream interview, Rachel talks with William Nazzaro, co-founder of the Time to Lead Institute, about his work with individuals who aspire to become recognized leaders looking to advance their careers.


  • 02:07: Rachel speaks of her experience as a lifelong learner
  • 04:10: Background on William Nazzaro
  • 09:08: William shares his personal experience as a lifelong learner
  • 13:55: How being a lifelong learner positively impacts one's personal and professional life
  • 27:10: Rachel and William discuss how many of us are waiting for our employers to give us a sense of direction in life
  • 36:55: How to drop your ego and open your eyes to the world to achieve your full potential
  • 42:35: William gives advice for people struggling to maintain a growth mindset
  • 49:05: How to become intentional about your growth mindset
  • 52:20: Techniques to gain confidence and stop letting the opinions of others get in the way of your growth
  • 59:13: How to use the tools discussed in today's episode to grow your business
  • 01:04:14: Find out where to learn more about William Nazzaro and the Time to Lead Institute


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