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34: Andrew Barnes & Charlotte Lockhart from 4 Day Week
5th June 2020 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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This is an exciting episode on the Future of Work series, I speak with Andrew Barnes (for the second time) and Charlotte Lockhart – first time with two guests! Andrew and Charlotte are from 4 Day Week Global. We talk about the impact of COVID-19 on how we currently work, what this means for the future of work – remote working, flexible working and the positive impacts of this global pandemic. We also cover productivity, and the time versus outcomes trap. We speak about the challenges of flexible working – no water cooler chat, inequality when it comes to access, and impacts on corporate culture over time. Innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Barnes has made a career of market-changing innovation and industry digitisation. Most recently, in New Zealand, Andrew triggered a revolution of the entire fiduciary and legal services industries, and the transformation he has led as the founder of Perpetual Guardian has positive implications both locally and globally (as evidenced by his announcement of the four-day week, which made headlines around the world). The result has seen him establish 4 Day Week Global and the 4 Day Week Global Foundation with his partner, Charlotte Lockhart. Their vision for this is to provide a community environment for companies, researchers/academics and interested parties to be able to connect and advance this idea as part of the future of work. Through this work he is on the advisory boards of both the US and Ireland 4 Day Week campaigns and the board of the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University. Charlotte Lockhart is a business advocate, investor and philanthropist with more than 25 years’ experience in multiple industries locally and overseas. As CEO for the 4 Day Week Global campaign she works promoting internationally the benefits of a productivity-focused and reduced-hour workplace. Through this, she is on the board of the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University and the advisory boards of the US campaign and the Ireland campaign for the 4 Day Week. Guest links: The event mentioned is happening on Wednesday evening Irish time (17th June) at 10pm My social links: