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Film Fest Funbag feat. Neal Schindler
3rd March 2021 • RANGE • Range
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Hey y’all, it’s been a few weeks of pretty relentlessly depressing topics here at RANGE HQ so we thought we’d do something a little lighter.

Not like, light light, but still light-er.

Doing another film ep, this time talking about the Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival — which begins TONIGHT AT 7 PM! — with festival director and head of Spokane Area Jewish Family Services, Neal Schindler.

It’s a virtual event, so you can watch some great films and help a worthy local cause all without putting on pants, just the way we like it in 2021.

All film trailers, discussion schedules and details for buying tickets and passes can be found at the festival website.

Thanks, as always, to Connor Bacon for a tight, timely interview edit and to Simmental for our theme music.

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