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I'm Living Proof: Live at the Leadership Summit
Bonus Episode18th October 2021 • I'm Living Proof: A Letter to My Younger Self • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
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Olivia, Lauren, Johnny, and Maddie have all shared their letters and recorded a podcast for I’m Living Proof: A Letter to My Younger Self. In this special live episode, recorded during DBSA’s 2021 Leadership Summit Conference, DBSA Staff held a discussion with past participants to learn more about what it was like to write a letter to their younger selves. The episode discusses important topics and themes that came across in all their episodes. From suffering in silence to being able to self-advocate, the panel reflects on their journey to date. The podcast also covers important themes such as the role that gender and race played in their experience of a mental health condition and a discussion around the systemic level barriers these panelists faced. This panels inspiring words and the continued dedication to their wellness journeys can inspire other young adults who may be having a challenging time.

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