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Ask An Expert: Laurin Wittig Communicate With Your Spirit Guides -Ep.138
Episode 13826th March 2023 • She Coaches Coaches • Candy Motzek | Life & Business Coach
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Join me as I speak with Laurin Wittig about communicating with your guides. Learn to use the woo in your day-to-day life. Laurin shares specific strategies to put practical spirituality into action.

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Laurin Wittig

Laurin Wittig's passion is in guiding her clients on their journeys out of pain and confusion. With her gifts of intuitive energetic healing and spiritual mentoring, she helps uncover and process the stories that create the pain. The result is a deeper understanding of where they’ve been and where they want to go emotionally, physically, and spiritually, transforming the limiting stories they have built from their challenges, traumas, and other life experiences, into new stories that empower, uplift, and heal...mind, body, and spirit. Laurin also loves to mentor those who are awakening to, or who are already on, a spiritual path. Her own journey on this path over the better part of a decade has changed her in miraculous ways, and she finds a lot of joy in helping others navigate the journey. She particularly likes to teach how to communicate with spirit guides, communicate with trees, and connect with the energy all around and within us.