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Repairing Your Repair Shop - Phase 2 [E044]
Episode 4424th January 2022 • Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz • Chris Cotton
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As you get into today’s episode, Phase 2- Repairing YOUR Auto Repair Shop, you may know someone in your network who can benefit from what I’m talking about today, please take time to share personally or through your social network.”

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1. Growth Mode–Productivity tracking, What’s your shop capable of doing?

2. Employee Handbook–a mechanism to enforce the rules overall

3. Employee Job Descriptions–Accountability

4. Employee Pay Plans

5. Marketing and car count, Determine if you need more cars to reach our shop's capability or just do a better job with what we already do.

6. Auto Shop Profits and Cash Flow, Controlling your money, Identifying the percentages for your business, setting up bank accounts, making an allocation chart, making sure the accountant is on board-if not time to find another one. Start making allocations–slow and steady wins the race.

7. Identify Key Employees, some can only get you so far, realize who those are and replace them if necessary. Keep the great ones!

8. Training for Everyone! It’s your job as an owner to elevate the abilities of everyone in the business. Don’t be afraid of training them and having them go somewhere else…..You can’t live/run a shop in fear

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