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Aberdeen Songs, Dean Backholm, Murchy Brothers and Home with Bruce Hilliard
Episode 2005th September 2021 • Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard • Bruce Hilliard
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Welcome to the Better Each Day podcast from me to you, episode 200. I’ve had almost four years of podcast analytics to support an argument that the most popular Better Each Day episodes aren’t what you’d think.

We’ve hosted some of the friendliest and compelling guests of all levels of notoriety. Surprising to me at first was that the episodes about artists closer to western Washington, especially shows where my lifelong friends from my hometown Aberdeen WA are featured, get the most attention. But the episodes that get the most hits are the ones about me. Me the singer/songwriter podcast dude that performs, teaches and sells paint.

This episode is super special to me because it features a song apiece from Dean Backholm, Dick and Sandy Murchy and one from me. Our styles differ but would fit well as a concert somewhere that has trees and sea gulls.

The songs I selected are very Aberdeen, Grays Harbor. Dean-o sings his song Lady of the Sea, followed by Murchy Brothers’ awesome vocals On the Water and do-re-me singing about driving to the beach.