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83. Success Story: Starting your podcast management business from scratch with Megan King
Episode 8316th November 2021 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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It was Jerry Weintraub that said "Relationships are the only thing that matters in business and in life.” For Podcast Managers, those are words to live and prosper by. Today I'm interviewing one of my former students, Megan King, about client relationships and service offerings. She talks about her transition from freelance copywriter to Podcast Manager and how she has maintained her relationship with the first client she ever landed. Megan also shares some great tips on how to determine the direction of your business. 

Megan King is a graduate of my course, The Podcast Manager Program, and has been running her own management business since 2019. While she offers the standard set of services, Megan is particularly focused on the launch and strategy aspects of podcasting. Today, Megan talks about the mental hurdles and self-confidence issues she had to overcome when she first started her business. She also speaks about her new group launch program called Podcasting for Business Growth. Megan explains what her new program entails and why she thinks potential podcasters will love it!

In this episode, we cover:

- Why you ARE "techy" enough to be a Podcast Manager

- Balancing work time and mom time

- What it really means to be an Expert

- How getting to know your clients can help business growth and retention

- Pitching new offerings to current clients

- Experimenting with services to find the right fit for you

- Launching new podcasts with group support

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