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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 48, 17th November 2017
How to Become a Professional Editor with Inside the Edit’s, Paddy Bird
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How to Become a Professional Editor with Inside the Edit’s, Paddy Bird

If editing were something we could learn from a manual or Youtube videos, we could all become great storytellers in fairly short order. We could just sit down, learn a few keys, maybe read a theory book or two, and we’d be off, right? But editing, of course, does not work like that.


If you want to truly learn how to become a professional-level editor you’re going to not only need to immerse yourself in the right movies, read the right books, study examples of editing techniques, but you’re also going to need to learn some much deeper layers of the editing process.


Enter editing extraordinaire, Paddy Bird, who has taken his 20+ yrs of editing in television and documentary film, and come up with the most comprehensive, thought-provoking, ingenious way to learn how to edit. And he has distilled it into an online course known as Inside the Edita program that today is making massive waves in the world of post production.


Topics Discussed

  • Paddy Bird’s journey as a professional editor
  • how editing the documentary is far more complex than narrative
  • how to speak the language of editing
  • how to have good communication, even with a difficult director
  • how Paddy’s programme, Inside the Edit, is THE comprehensive course for learning how to become a professional editor


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If you want the best definition of what an editor does, you must check out this video that the good people of Inside the Edit put together. This is literally so spot-on it hurts. I will forever direct people to this video who want to know why an editor is one of the most important elements to a film.



° Is Inside The Edit Right For You?

Watch this video to learn more about the course and decide if it’s right for you..



Offer For #DocLifers

Paddy has very generously offered #DocLifers a 25% discount on his ground-breaking creative editing course, Inside The Edit. To apply the discount simply enter MYDOCLIFE at checkout.



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