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121. Raising Luminaries Summer Series: Pep Talk for Kids on Modern-day Burnout (and what to do)
Episode 1211st September 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Welcome back to our last summer series episode! 

As much as today’s episode is geared towards the kids, I'm pretty sure this is one that the parents should tune into too, because we're talking about dealing with pressure and burnout. 

Kids get burned out too and parents are not sure how to help them. Today's episode is allowing me to jump in and support you with some ideas on how you can navigate getting burned out or having too much pressure or feeling stressed out. This is something that kids are facing, and we need to give them the tools, the resources and the encouragement to face it head on. 

So kids, if you're feeling that pressure, if you're feeling stressed, if you're worried about going back to school and navigating all the things, this episode is for you! 

Let's raise them up right!


[1:48] A Modern-Day Kid Has It Rough  [2:51] Asking for Help [4:28] Having Fun  [5:48] Just Being [6:58] Put Down The Screen [7:55] Fuel Your Body  [9:00] The Real Change 


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