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Body positivity and the long road of ending body shaming
Episode 530th September 2020 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Becky Jarvis, creator of Curvy Chic Closet, and I sat down and discussed Body Positivity. Becky has been working to make plus-sized clothing accessible to moms and other plus-sized individuals for over ten years. In this episode, we discuss her journey from just providing a sale to changing the world of body positivity.

Podcast Episode Summary

Becky Jarvis didn’t initially set out to make body positivity and inclusivity what she focuses on. She started with making affordable plus-sized clothing accessible. Her journey of building the largest plus-sized consignment event, located in the Pacific Northwest, opened up an amazing need for full-inclusivity and diversity in fashion. We discussed the disparities in how fashion is represented from magazines to brick and mortar stores, and lightly mentioned the silent disease of eating disorders.

It was an absolute pleasure to hear Becky’s story of how she became a sort of accidental spokesperson for body positivity. The next Curvy Chick Closet event begins October 1, 2020.


  • The plus-sized industry is a $21 billion industry.
  • 67% of US women are sized 14+.
  • Brick and mortar stores only stock 25% of their inventory with plus-sized clothing.
  • “I never knew I could be beautiful and plus sized at the same time,” a fashion model to Becky.
  • “Body positivity is accepting where I am at.”
  • “Fat discrimination is there. It starts at an early age.”

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