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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 19, 4th November 2020
Family Lessons I Learnt From Watching K-Dramas

Family Lessons I Learnt From Watching K-Dramas

When you think about Korean drama television shows or K-dramas, what comes to mind? Binge-worthy? Tear-jerkers? 

Perhaps your kids are obsessed with K-dramas or maybe you watch it with them as a family. Have you thought of using this form of entertainment as a form of conversation starters? 

In this episode, Aaron Ng from Focus on the Family Singapore chats with family counsellor, Gary Koh, on the lessons he has learnt from watching Korean dramas, and how parents can use teachable moments to create conversations with their children.

Gary Koh is presently a full-time counsellor. With over a decade‚Äôs experience working with youths and their parents, he is a firm believer that a good marriage is the foundation for a healthy family. Gary is passionate about advocating that young adults have the ability to impact society in the area of family if they are given a healthy model of family, and proper encouragement toward strong and lasting relationships. Gary has been married to Joanna for over two decades. They have a teenage son, Tobias. 

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