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#159 Kevin Lowe, DVM - Low Time Preference Medicine
Episode 15913th November 2022 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, Dr. Kevin Lowe joins me for a fantastic discussion. Dr. Lowe is the owner of Flint River Animal Hospital. Dr. Lowe has some non-consensus views on topics within veterinary medicine and life that we explored. He gets technical, so this is a great one for those who want more medical discussion. Also, he is a bitcoiner which is how we connected, so we’ll talk about that as well and how it's impacted him. We run out of time to fully get into bitcoin - so he'll be back for a full discussion there later on. Enjoy!

  • Why veterinary medicine? – His back story for how and why he went to Auburn for vet school.
  • The struggle and journey to practice ownership. How he and his dad bonded over his practice start-up.
  • The struggles with mental health and physical health.
  • Corporate medicine and time preference.
  • The moral hazard of negative accrual and production targets.
  • The world of corporate buy-outs and what he's learned.
  • Nutrition in veterinary medicine and his own journey.
  • How he has changed recommendations on pet nutrition
  • Why do most veterinarians not understand bitcoin, and who does get it?

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