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Transforming Lives Through Fashion: Insights from Brandi Johnson
Episode 87th June 2024 • More Than A Brand • Lindsay Tramel-Jones
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In this episode of "More Than a Brand," I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandi Johnson, a renowned style expert who has made a significant shift from a career in education to becoming a stylist. Brandi shared her journey, starting as an executive in the learning and development field, focusing on education reform for Black and Brown children, to becoming a style and body image coach.

Brandi emphasized the difference between fashion and style, explaining that while fashion is an industry-driven by trends and consumption, style is personal and a form of self-expression. She attributes her understanding of style to the strong matriarchs in her family, particularly her grandmother and great-grandmother, who taught her that style is about presenting oneself to the world confidently.

Throughout the episode, Brandi provided valuable insights into how to embrace new body shapes, the importance of understanding fit, and the psychological aspects of style. She encouraged listeners to trust their intuition and to let go of clothes that no longer serve them, emphasizing that style should be fun and reflective of one's true self.

For those interested in learning more from Brandi, she can be found on Instagram at @BrandeisNicole, and she also offers a free Facebook group called "Style for Smart Cookies." Additionally, Brandi announced the upcoming launch of her membership program, which will provide personalized style guidance and shoppable catalogs.

This episode was filled with inspiring stories and practical advice, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to redefine their style and embrace their true selves. Thank you, Brandi, for sharing your journey and expertise with us!




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