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2021 & Beyond: How to Increase Productivity & Predictability On the Jobsite w/ Jim Lynch
Episode 68th February 2021 • Digital Builder • Autodesk
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Unification of your team and your technology will drive productivity and predictability on the jobsite — two things we all need more of.

The awesome thing about a unified construction management solution is that it actually helps your team work better together. It’s a little like knocking out two birds with one stone.

Jim Lynch, Sr. VP & General Manager at Autodesk, joins Eric in this episode to share how a unified approach helps construction teams get more done faster and safer.

Plus, the two talk about…

  • The Why behind new product announcements at Autodesk University
  • How a unified construction management platform helps data flow more freely
  • The current state of the construction industry
  • Predictions for the future of construction and industrialization

Digital Builder is hosted by Eric Thomas of Autodesk.





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