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EP85: How To Live With No Regrets | Bruce and Rodney
14th February 2023 • Create Your Fate • Create Your Fate
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What does it mean to be a professional rainbow chaser? To give up the city life and live on the road in an RV, getting stranded in the Mojave Desert and seeing rainbows for days on end in Wyoming?

This is the life that two dear friends of mine, Bruce Franklin and Rodney Cubberly, have chosen for themselves. They have been traveling across the country after giving up their corporate life of 30+ years. Now they are two gay men visiting straight RV parks in an RV once named Uncle Joe that has been rechristened as Josephine. 

While this may sound like a camp scene from 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', this is in fact an intentional pursuit of their dreams – a living example of creating your fate at its very finest. As Bruce and Rodney share so eloquently, their journey has renewed their faith in humanity, just at a time when more Americans are embracing the nomadic life

As it turns out, you come across all walks of life while driving along life's highway, searching for that next rainbow. Please join me in this fun conversation with two fabulously adventurous men and learn what it takes to embrace RV living and a life less ordinary.


"You can definitely pulse the chapter changes in your life. And how things all culminate to support it. And if you don't take that juncture in the road, you may have regret in the future." ~ Bruce Franklin

In This Episode:

– What is a rainbow chaser, exactly?

– Unpacking RV Living for Gay Men

– The joys of owning a robot dog

– Spilling the tea on Chasing Rainbows, their new show

– What is their biggest lesson in pivoting from corporate life?

– From rainbows in Wyoming to being stranded in the Mojave Desert

Advice for people considering the RV life for themselves

– What it means to have the courage to take that next leap

– Why Bruce and Gordon are the reason Meg is a SoulCycle instructor

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