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“Abundance Codes” with Jesse Simpson
Episode 4114th July 2023 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“Abundance Codes” with Jesse Simpson

Jesse is a former US Marine and Firefighter who traded his childhood dream job for a one way flight to Costa Rica. He's an Entrepreneur, Freedom Fighter, Truthseeker and Crypto Enthusiast now the Head Coach and Chief Freedom Architect with Abundance Codes helping conscious entrepreneurs and leaders build wealth for their families using the cheat codes of credit. His mission is help as many families as possible stay forever healthy, wealthy and free.


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1:20 - Welcome Jesse!

2:17 - The hero's journey and red pill moment

13:16 - What are your thoughts on the past couple of years?

16:53 - What is credit and why does it matter?

28:24 - What are we dealing with if it's not money?

37:01 - The ethics behind paying debts and bills

43:02 - What is OPM? How do we use it to build wealth?

46:38 - What is a better credit score to focus on? Personal or business credit?

52:46 - What is your perspective on crypto and blockchain as tools to disconnect from the system?

56:42 - A few minutes to speak with millions of people. What do you leave them with?




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