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Jewish Teachings about Life & Spirituality with Sara Bryan
Episode 1814th November 2021 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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In today's episode, Amy and Sara discuss life as a single mom and a public school teacher. Sara opens up about the challenges and victories she's experienced while teaching middle schoolers during Covid.

As a religious educator with a degree in Religious Studies, Sara Bryan teaches Judaism 101 to adults at Temple Beth El. She also enlightens the young minds of children on Sundays at Religious School and during the summer at Camp Mindy.

Because of her educational background, Sara has a vast knowledge of different religions. She shares her thoughts on creation such as the Big Bang Theory and explains shadow work and how we can overcome it by tapping into the Light within us. Sara also touches on how God can be the darkness as well as the light.

Sara explains the value of having many different religions and how it can create unity instead of division. Sara explains how to find forgiveness in the unforgivable and that perspective is the key to overcoming any obstacles.

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