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3 Text Message Templates to Print Money
Episode 844th January 2022 • Business School • Sharran Srivatsaa
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How do you build new business opportunities and increase your revenue? Finding and nurturing new leads takes a lot of effort. But there's a simple 3-part text messaging workflow to reactivate leads and set high-ticket appointments. Sharran and his clients have used this framework to engage leads that eventually turn into enormous amounts of revenue.  

The first message is based on Dan Jackson’s famous 9-word question. Listen to this episode to learn how the templates work. Then, try them out and experience closing more deals. 

 “People just want a convenient way to say YES.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Text messages to set high-ticket appointments

01:20 How this text message process works for real estate 

02:35 What does the text message barista do

04:12 How this framework applies to a dry cleaning business

05:42 Use Dean Jackson's 9-word question (Are you still interested in ____?

06:50 Ask the sorting question (provide two options for the customer)

08:02 Ask a specific question and give a reference point

08:55 What happens when you give someone a reference point

09:06 Recap of the 3-part framework to make this text messaging work

11:19 Test this framework with five leads per day, and soon you’ll have an entire pipeline of warm leads


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