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Confident Live Marketing Show - Ian Anderson Gray EPISODE 111, 4th June 2021
Do I have ADHD?

Do I have ADHD?

Have you ever had epiphany moments in your life when so many things come together and make sense? It’s happened a few times to me in my life, and I had an epiphany moment on Saturday, April 10, 2021. It was the realisation that I’ve probably got ADHD. Or to be exact, ADHD Inattentive Type (ADD or ADHD-i).

My wife had suspected it for years, but I wasn’t willing to look into it. After all, I’m not hyperactive. I have no problem resting or relaxing. But as I looked over my life and issues I’ve had to deal with and looking at ADHD symptoms, it became clear. But when I did, it totally made sense. 

In this episode, I’ll be sharing more about why I think I might have ADHD, and why so many entrepreneurs either have ADHD or have ADHD-like symptoms. I’ll also be sharing my top tips and hacks to be more productive and why live video could well be the perfect medium for entrepreneurs with ADHD

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