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S4 Ep 4 - Virtual Education and Its Effect on the Achievement Gap
Episode 412th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode of the 411 Live, Beverly Taylor addresses the shifting educational system. Kelly Connor, an educator for over twenty years holding a B.S. in sociology, a M.S. in Administrative Science and an EdS in Educational Leadership, and Chantell Sain, a mother of four with ten years of homeschooling experience, meet with Beverly Taylor to share some of their experiences and concerns of the ‘new normal’.

Kelly reveals the challenges for both teachers and students in the constantly shifting system between virtual, hybrid and in-person schooling, “We lost some of the kids through the cracks.” Chantell shares the other side of the system where parents are being asked to step up for their kids and become teachers themselves, “I chose my experience. But a lot of parents were forced into the situation.” She also points out a couple different opportunities that are available to parents who may not know their options.

Join the conversation with two great minds that offer the best tips and tricks to help parents juggle the COVID season.