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Ep 142: The Truth Behind the Transition, with Dr. Alexandru Pop and Dr. Sarah Brisson
Episode 14226th July 2022 • That Vet Life Podcast • That Vet Life Podcast
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For this week's episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Alexandru Pop and Dr. Sarah Brisson join Dr. Moriah. Large animal veterinarian, Dr. Alexandru Pop has been in practice for almost three years. In 2019, Alex earned his veterinary medicine degree from North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. He spent more than a year working at Pineview Veterinary Hospital before joining Appalachian Veterinary Services, where he is currently the president.

Dr. Sarah Brisson is a confident and competent small animal veterinarian. After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2018, she jumped into rural practice in Ontario where she spent 3 years learning to manage preventative, chronic, urgent, and emergent care cases.

During this episode, Dr. Alex and Dr. Moriah discuss the challenges and difficulties every new vet graduate faces when they start their career emphasizing how important it is to learn from your colleagues and teammates. Dr. Sarah joins the conversation and shares her experiences as a young small animal vet.

Listen as Dr. Alex and Moriah discuss their transformation from veterinary students to practicing veterinarians while acknowledging the common challenges they face and their logical solutions.


  • [01:13] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction of Dr. Alex. 
  • [03:33] Dr. Alex Pop discusses his background in veterinary medicine and his motivations for entering the field.
  • [06:22] Dr. Alex and Moriah talk about large animal practice.
  • [09:10] Dr. Alex talks about his transition from being a vet student to working as a veterinarian.
  • [10:00] How does your support system evolve as you develop from a vet student to a vet professional?
  • [12:10] Alex discusses his first job after graduating from vet school, revealing the factor that influenced him to take his first job.
  • [13:40] At what point should a Vet Student consider taking on a job? Dr. Moriah and Dr. Alex discuss the right time to explore the possible option.
  • [18:00] A short ad break - join Thrive
  • [19:18] Dr. Moriah and Dr. Alex resume the episode by discussing the differences between the clinical cultures of small, large, and mixed animal practices.
  • [22:30] What can you learn about the work culture at your next job by asking the right questions during an interview?
  • [26:15] Dr. Sarah answers the question “What do you wish someone had told you about the transition from a student to a young graduate”?
  • Is it necessary for vet students to memorize every single detail at veterinary school? 
  • [31:40] Dr. Alex lists the informational resources that he uses as a quick reference while working as Vet professional.
  • [34:20] Dr. Alex shares his thoughts on the transition from being a competent Vet into a confident vet.
  • [38:15] Dr. Sarah describes the unexpected joy of starting a practice in veterinary medicine. 
  • [38:20] Alex and Moriah share their experience starting a veterinary practice and the unexpected joys they encountered.
  • [43:00] Dr. Moriah wraps the episode with a subtle request to share the episode.

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