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How to Have GREAT IDEAS?
Episode 713th August 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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#007 - How to Have Great Ideas? Students and entrepreneurs come up and ask "what do you think about this idea: Is it good enough?" all the time. I am going to tell you the Fool Proof way to have good ideas. Learn what happened to “Burbn” App? How was Instagram launched? Any you’d add? Share in the comments below👇

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Hey, guys, what's up? Howard Kingston here, hope you're amazing.

How do I have great ideas? So hear that question all the time. Um, hey, I have experienced that as well. So I have students, I have entrepreneurs coming up and saying, Hey, I'm thinking of launching this business. What do you think about this idea? Is it good enough? Or marketers launching a campaign? Is this idea good enough? And guys, I totally get it. I've been in that position before. And I remember when I was thinking about launching a business a few years ago, I had two ideas. And I was like, which one is the best idea? Well, first, I just want to talk about that today. And I want to talk about how you can have great ideas, almost like fool proof way to have great ideas. First thing I need to talk about is talk about a myth that what is not true, because everyone has this idea. I think like, I think everyone has this idea. And it's I know where it comes from. It comes from the media, right? These amazing stories of these founders who come up with these great ideas and make lots of money.

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So really, I want to talk about three quick lessons here. One, you got to just start, don't worry about your idea be perfect, because it's not going to be perfect, it's impossible to get an idea perfect. Launch, right. And actually, I would actually say it's detrimental to your success to try and make it perfect. As some of you might kind of feel like I like it to be as good as possible. But think of this, there's a famous saying in Silicon Valley, from Reed Hoffman, who's the founder of LinkedIn. And he famously says that if you haven't launched the first version of your product early enough that you are embarrassed about it. So you should actually be embarrassed by your first version of your product. If you haven't, it means that you haven't launched it early enough, you've waited too long. So just think about that, the founder LinkedIn telling you that and it's exactly the point that happened. Think about it, that that's what happened with Instagram. So point one is launch it early.

Point two is realize that the reason you're not launching it yet, you just got a name or guys, the reason you haven't is because you're afraid, you're afraid of what people think you're afraid is not good enough. And you got to just name that beast, and it's fear. So you got to just be prepared to get it out there, get early feedback, and then make it better over time. That's what bourbon on Instagram did.

Finally, guys, the third little point here is, if you're finding it's too much pressure, you go, how do I come up with this great idea? Just what I always love to think about things is whenever I'm launching something new, whenever I'm changing career, whenever I'm launching a new product, rather than thinking, This is my new career, you know, kind of direction for life, which feels a lot of pressure. Oh, God, I better get this right. What if you just thought about it as an experiment. And you go, you know what? I think right now based on all my data and my my thoughts and my ideas. I think this is a good idea right now. So I'm going to try experiment. And I'm going to run an experiment for the next 90 days. And let's see, at the end of the 90 days how it goes. So let's say you're deciding to launch a business. All right. What if you decide to go Okay, I think this is a good idea. I'm going to go for it for 90 days. And then let's see at the end of the 90 days how it goes and then the end in 90 days, I'll either no this is I get some data. And this is either going well, and I'll continue it. I might decide I hate it or it sucks and I'll stop it. And the nice thing about an experiment is that Guess what, you're in a win win. Because an experiment every single way you're going to learn something, aren't you? So even if it doesn't go well, you've learned that this was not the right idea for you. Great and then you come up with another experiment and If you just keep on running those 90 days experiments, what will happen is, you'll effectively make your own luck because some, some of those experiments will go well.

Okay, so guys, what I've just been sharing is how to come up with good ideas have really dispelled the myth and talk to you about how Instagram came about. And it worked out pretty good for them. And I talked about those three top tips. Okay, so guys, if you find this useful, please hit a like or share this message with someone that you think is launching something that needs to hear this now as well so we can help as many people out there. Alright, this is Howard zooming out from growth, philosophy Academy, peace out and have a great one.

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