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The Magic of Psychology with Alice Pailhés, Ph.D. | TSMP #078
Episode 7831st October 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Learn The Subtleties That Will Significantly Improve Your Psychological Forces

Alice Pailhès, Ph.D. is an Associate Lecturer in Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London. At Magic Lab, her research focuses on the use of magic tricks to study illusory sense of agency. She specialises in studying the subtle factors that influence our decisions without our awareness.

Her research has been published in multiple high-impact journals. She makes her subject accessible to the public via diverse media outlets like BBC, Victoria & Albert Museum, etc. Alice’s TED Talk explores the nuances of various ‘psychological forces’ used by magicians and mentalists.

In this episode, Alice joins Aidan and Ashley to discuss how we can apply psychological principles to make our tricks deceptive. She also talks about how mentalism principles can utilised to enhance creativity and manage depression.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:00] Who Is Alice Pailhés, Ph.D.?
  • [04:50] How To ‘Fool’ Your Audience Easily
  • [10:00] Leveraging Simplicity To Make Magic Deceptive
  • [13:00] Why You Should Perform Psychological Forces
  • [15:30] Conducting Experiments On ‘Forcing’ Techniques
  • [19:40] Effect Of Performance Style On The Outcome Of ‘Forces’
  • [22:00] The Magic Of Placebo Effect
  • [24:30] Applying Mentalism Principles To Enhance Creativity
  • [30:00] What Inspires Alice To Study ‘Forcing’ Techniques In Magic
  • [33:00] Ethics Of Performing Magic As A Psychology Expert Or Psychic Medium
  • [39:15] Virtues And Vices Of Making Magic Personal
  • [44:50] Importance Of Adapting A Holistic Approach

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