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Building a community and growing your pet business on Instagram with Helen Perry
Episode 1165th May 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Is improving your Instagram on your to-do list? Then you will LOVE this episode with Helen Perry from the ‘Just Bloody Post It’ podcast.

Helen has grown a huge, engaged following on the platform and shows how small businesses can do the same on her own Instagram account, her podcast and online courses and workshops. 

In this chat, Helen shares loads of brilliant marketing advice that can be applied no matter what platform you’re on!

And as a former BBC Radio One journalist, she gives some bonus tips if you want to be on the radio too.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.41 - About Helen and her background 

5.03 - Helen explains how she ended up niching in Instagram 

7.04 - Helen shares how responding to comments helped her understand what her audience wants and how pet businesses can do the same 

10.12 - How what’s going on in the news can change what products / services you’re selling and your marketing approach

12.49 - Helen shares a simple overview of how Instagram works 

16.05 - Helen explains why community and relationships are the forefront of Instagram

18.15 - Why Instagram is about having conversations and understanding people 

22.07 - Helen shares why it’s important to tell people what you do and put yourself out there 

24.05 - Helen explains how you can start off creating content even if you’re shy

26.01 - Why Instagram works differently for all people and pet businesses

29.34 - Helen shares how to use hashtags and find people in your community 

31.52 - What tools you can use on Instagram to find out what’s working 

35.51 - Why Instagram is a place where pet businesses can thrive 

38.47 - Helen gives her tips for using Instagram

40.56 - What to do if your pet business gets on the radio 

45.30 - Where to find out more about Helen 

Links mentioned in this episode: 

Helen has a new course out now called Newsletter Launchpad and it’s on offer for £99 until 1st June. Use the code EARLYLAUNCHPAD to get £50 off.

Here’s the link: 

Instagram @_helen_perry_


After speaking to Helen I wanted to share some of the pet business accounts I follow for you to go and check out: 

Karen Maher from Maher and Hound @maherandhounddogtraining

Kerry Whitney from Frankys Bowtique @FrankysBowtique 

Katie the Kat Lady @K_thekatlady

Michelle at Scruffy Little Terrier @scruffylittleterrier 

Liz Gregg from Black White Gold

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