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Getting Ahead of the Competition – with Michele Twyman, EVP of Commercial Insurance New York Region at Chubb
Episode 199th March 2021 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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Season Two - Episode Nineteen

Joining us in the Insurance Coffee House USA this week is Michele Twyman. Michele is Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial for the New York region at Chubb.

Michele has a wealth of experience as an insurance business leader and she shares with us her successful career journey at Chubb which has spanned over 35 years.

She advises of the tremendous opportunities she has been afforded at Chubb, but goes on to advise that you have to put yourself in the picture for promotion and not to expect it to just come to you.

She advises all insurance business leaders to go for roles they want, even if they are not quite ready, so they are on the radar and not behind others for when the opportunity comes around again.

For any insurance leaders considering their next move, she advises to take time to picture yourself at that organisation, do your research and reach out to members of the team to have a coffee and find out what it is truly like at the firm.

Michele encourages listeners to reach out to her after the show with any comments or questions and you can do this via her LinkedIn page via email at .

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