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Episode 44: A Mum and Son's Intimate Documentation Through the Cancer Journey With Clayton Bjelan
3rd August 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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What happens if you discover that you have an incurable cancer and that you just have months to live? What would you do? How would you handle that?

In this episode, we're talking about the C word...Cancer. The chances are that maybe you, a loved one or someone you know has experienced a cancer diagnosis. Sadly this is a topic that is never too far away from any of us.

Today, we talk to Clayton Bjelan, who did something really, really remarkable. After Clayton's mum, Rhonda Bjelan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she agreed to do a podcast with him to document each step in her journey form diagnosis to death.

Why would they do that? The answer is simply so that they could help others who are experiencing something similar through the process. Incurable, the podcast, is a conversation between mother and son through the emotional roller coaster that all families experience when faced with the reality of losing a loved one. In the podcast, they work through difficult emotions, disbelief, the struggles of facing death, the preciousness of time and what really is important.

The podcast also addresses the big question that we all have, which is, 'Why would God let this happen?'

In this conversation, you'll hear...

-Why so many of us are afraid to talk about death...04:00

-How Clayton dealt with interviewing his mum, knowing she was going to die...05:45

-How a vision Rhonda had over 30 years ago came true through the podcast...06:45

-What it was like to record through such a painful grieving process...09:50

-How Clayton balanced doubt and his faith in God...11:55

-Clayton's advice on how to talk to people going through a difficult health journey...15:45

-How and when to talk to children about a cancer diagnosis...17:30

-How Clayton juggled his day to day responsibilities, marriage, kids and quality time with mum...20:15

-How Clayton and Rhonda recorded through constantly changing hospital environments...24:20

-Rhonda's magnetic connection with the doctors and nurses...26:00

-What to do when regret and guilt start flooding in...27:55

-Chasing healing vs. living peacefully through the last few weeks...31:15

-The importance of talking about death and how to live without fear of it...34:35

-Where to find a strong support system if you don't already have one...38:00

-What Rhonda would say today about living and dying...40:50

  • "Jesus has something special for you"
  • "Trust in Jesus" - Rhonda Bjelan

About Clayton

Besides creating an incredibly fascinating podcast, Clayton Bjelan has spent 20 years in Christian radio, the majority at 89.9 The Light in Melbourne, Australia. He has also held the roles of Music Director, Content Director, Head of Product Development, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Currently he is the Group Transformation Manager at PositiveMedia (home of 89.9 TheLight). 

Clayton hosts the radio program, ‘In Conversation’ - a full length feature interview program. He’s interviewed over 1500 guests including Prime Ministers, sports stars, musicians and former mafia bosses. 

By far the most challenging of Clayton's experiences has been producing and co-hosting his mum's 3-month journey from cancer diagnosis to her death. It shares Rhonda’s innermost thoughts and struggles during this time. The aim of the podcast is to give others hope if they were to be diagnosed themselves (and let everyone else listen in to what this time is like for the patient and the family). Listen and find out more at

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