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Sage Aging - Liz Craven EPISODE 21, 18th August 2020
Finding Eldercare and Disability Resources
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Finding Eldercare and Disability Resources

In This Episode

Finding eldercare and disability resources can sometimes seem impossible. The needs are usually urgent, but where do you begin to look? If you are seeking assistance for seniors living at home and have ever wondered where to find a source for community senior and disability resources and services near you, this is the podcast episode for you!

My Guest

My guest for this episode is Charlotte McHenry, President and CEO of Senor Connection Center, which is the Area Agency on Aging for Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee Highlands, and Hardy counties in Florida. Charlotte is very well versed in the aging and disability services space and shared a wealth of information in this episode!

If Reading is more your speed, you can find the transcript for this interview in the Episode 21 blog post at SageAging.us

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