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S5 EP150: Amanda Sempf: Two Hospital Births, Private Midwife, Preeclampsia, Placenta Previa, Placenta Accreta, PPH, Hysterectomy, 5.3kg Baby
Episode 1509th May 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Today, we dive into Amanda's remarkable birth stories, marked by challenges yet underscored by her unwavering resilience, advocacy and deep knowledge. Amanda's excitement about her first birth was initially clouded by a diagnosis of placenta previa at 32 weeks. This resolved as time passed, but Amanda soon faced another hurdle: preeclampsia, which led to a recommendation for induction at 38 weeks. Despite a series of medical interventions, Amanda achieved the vaginal birth she had hoped for. However, a tense moment occurred when her midwife pulled on her placenta and discovered that it was deeply attached to her uterus, a condition known as placenta accreta, which required Amanda to be taken away to have it surgical removed.

When Amanda prepared to welcome her second child, she was armed with greater knowledge and a strong resolve to advocate for her choices. Despite being diagnosed once again with placenta previa, she maintained her positivity and advocated for her birth plan. Defying expectations, Amanda successfully gave birth to a healthy 5.3kg son in the way she envisioned.

Join me as Amanda shares her inspiring birth stories, highlighting the crucial moments she asserted herself, the challenging discussions with healthcare providers, and her navigation when faced with the discovery of placenta accreta again, leading to significant and life-changing surgery.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @amandasempf

Birth education: @2lifedoula

Midwife: @benefitingbirthandbeyond

Acupuncture: @wombtoworld.aus

Photographer: @jaydearchivesphotography

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